Digital Assistance

The Build Your Biz VA team can help with a variety of digital tasks including:


Social Media Management and Engagement Boosting

You’ve got the platforms, now you need them to be curated. We can schedule regular, engaging content, maintain your pages and interact with your customers to build a loyal support base and optimise the performance of each channel.



Media Monitoring and Content Creation

Funny cat pictures just won’t cut it every day! We can create interesting content that draws your customers in, cultivates your community, establishes your brand identity and funnels customers through to your website. We can also interact with them in the voice of your business, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities for engaging potential customers.



Web Design and SEO

A good website is essential to communicate the essence of your brand, show customers what you can do for them, and ultimately convert browsers into buyers. SEO can boost the performance of your site so the right customers see it when they’re ready to purchase.





Social Media Start-up Packages

If you’re a business owner or operator, you probably already know that a social media presence is an important part of your marketing strategy. But, it can be overwhelming working out what to post, which platforms to post on, and how often to do it. Then, you need to monitor your pages, respond to comments, and make sure you’re using each platform as effectively as possible.


Business Setup Packages

This package is ideal for business operators who are just starting out. If you’ve got a big idea but no time and not enough knowledge to establish the business yourself, we can help.
This complete package for new businesses includes:
    Business name registration if required
    Domain name registration
    Website Hosting
    Branding suite (logo included)
    A fully developed website, including content (copy and images)
    A business website email address
    Social media pages/profiles set-up
    Social media management, including content creation and                   engagement boosting for one week






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